Kate Grieve is the hospital research engineer at the Quinze Vingts National Ophthalmology Hospital and Vision Institute responsible for development and application of high resolution ocular imaging technologies. She is a leading specialist in both full field optical coherence tomography, in collaboration with Claude Boccara and team at the Langevin Institute, and in adaptive optics technology, as a postdoc with Austin Roorda at UC Berkeley and Martin Booth at University of Oxford, and in current collaboration with Serge Meimon and Cyril Petit at ONERA. She has successfully completed and is currently participating in ANR and European Research Council funded grants to develop optical imaging technologies for ophthalmology and vision applications. In addition to her academic activities, she has worked in industry as an optical engineer, commercializing innovative retinal imaging technologies. Along with Pr Michel Pâques, she manages the high resolution retinal imaging platform at the Quinze Vingts Ophthalmology Hospital where patients with retinal disease are imaged with state of the art technologies, and new prototype systems are developed.