Vascular diseases

Vessels of the retina can be observed in exquisite detail with adaptive optics ophthalmoscopy, in particular the structure of the vessel wall which gives access to the early effects of diabetes or hypertension. The precise measurments obtained (with a micrometric precision) may also be relevant in the understanding of stroke. We pioneered the laser treatment of macroaneurysms in diabetic retinopathy, which led to the development of a dedicated tool for precise application of laser therapy (see CLOVIS project led by ONERA) and to a multicentric randomized trial which will be initiated in early 2019.

Adaptive optics opthalmoscopy of dry age-related macular degeneration and vascular diseases.Paques M, Meimon S, Mrejen S, Rossant F, Rosenbaum D, Sennlaub F, Grieve K.

Prog Ret Eye Res, online 17 July 2018 (2018).